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Making IIoT projects easy, fast and scalable – with partners

Our IIoT strategy is built on two core beliefs:

1. IIoT projects can only be succesful if first results are achieved quickly with limited effort

2. Successful projects must be designed with the end in mind: large-scale roll-out

Moxa as a manufacturer of industrial networking, connectivity and computing products provides an ideal IIoT toolkit, has industrial expertise with long-term reliability expectations, global reach, and advanced security products and standards. But for today’s sensor-to-cloud applications, we rely heavily on partners to make IIoT projects easy, fast and scalable.

Cloud Partners provide the cloud platform, where data is received, stored, analyzed and insights, and actions are derived. Remote access and device management platforms fall into this category, too.

Software Partners add the intelligence for local data acquisition, pre-processing, often analytics, and how to share the data both locally and with cloud/IT systems.

Sensor Partners make sensors, PLCs, meters and other data generators or receivers in the industrial field that our IIoT gateways have connect to.

Service Partners are the ones that put it all together. They source accessories, install software, configure devices at scale, and take care of all cloud provisioning and security aspects. They provide the “Zero Touch Provisioning” experience.

Moxa IIoT Gateways and Edge Computers provide a great platform for cooperation

Partners can belong to more than one category, but for the overview above we had to group them according to what we believe are their primary focus. Please check out the use cases to find out more about what amazing projects can be done, when working with the right partners.

Use Cases

General Asset Management / IIoT

Use Case

Energy Monitoring (Grid Scale)

Use Case

Energy Efficiency (Industrial Scale)

Use Case

Computer Vision

Use Case

Machine Builders providing trusted service and support

Use Case

Automation of condition-based service and maintenance

Use Case

Augmented Intelligence for the Frontline Workforce

Use Case

Data Enrichment, Transformation and Harmonization

Use Case

OEE & Operational KPIs

Use Case

ML at the Edge

Use Case

Smart Energy Monitoring

Use Case


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Making IIoT projects easy, fast and scalable
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